Professional moodboards

Crafting each brief's ideas with their own mood board is a chance for us to share what we've got in mind and for you to feedback before any further steps are taken. You walk this process with us, which provides you with reassurance and anticipation. Rest assured we always have a few tricks up our sleeve to wow you beyond your expectations.


It's about the right fit

We've curated a list of the best suppliers around and this is an ongoing process, with constant monitoring of feedback and research to see what solution is the right shape for your brief. We only work with the best and we prefer to quote our clients exactly the same we've been quoted, so there're only upsides on booking through us.


Know exactly what to expect

An occasion is unique, it's a moment that can't be replicated or revised if it doesn't go according to the plan. For all clients who hire our planning services Hip Hip provides a written debrief of everything that is going to happen, in minute detail. Giving you a chance to digest and talk any adjustments you'd like before the day comes.

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Trusting us with your occasion is something we take very seriously. That day means the world to you and we feel we owe to our clients to make it as special and seamless as we can. 

We  are not in the volume business, nor on the fast lane of 'as many clients as you can get' approach. We're the couture of the party business, where each brief is treated with the time they need to be perfect and as if it was our own and our clients recognise the excellent value provided in everything we deliver. Here's what you can expect from us:



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