Everything you wanted to know about us, but were afraid to ask

Have questions? You're not alone. Many of our clients were first timers when they contacted us as well. Despite being a no brainer when you hear about it, aside from weddings, this industry is relatively new in the UK - specially outside of London! 

We're super friendly and love a chat to explain it all, but understand sometimes people like to find their answers independently and in their own time. 

Here're the most common questions our clients usually ask when we first meet. 

Why can't I just book the party from the website? 

Tempting as it is, we want to offer a service that reflects each and every client individually, so we have to understand fully what you want before we can price it for you. Doesn't mean it'll be complicated or unaffordable though, we're told time and time again we offer excellent value for money. You can check our starter prices here

What happens once I get in touch? 

We usually take the initial enquiries from our clients over email, social media or phone.

Most initial contacts are brief and simple - "I'm interested in hearing more about planning and styling for a 50th birthday" or "My daughter's 6th birthday is in March and I loved your Art Party". 


We then ask a few top level questions such as number of guests, how much involvement they want us to have, dates, venue and point you to our pricing page, so you know what to expect, if you haven't already. 


Assuming you're cool about it, ideally we then meet. Nothing like a face-to-face, but we can do it all over email/phone if you live far from Bristol or simply prefer it that way.  

We agreed to meet up, now what? 

A location has been set (or a phone/video call) somewhere in Bristol and we put a face to the name. Now what?


You'll share everything you want for your dream event, all the thoughts you had in mind and your  budget.  We’ll share some thoughts and recommendations and begin to guide you through the process of getting your dream event closer to a reality. It usually takes about only 45 minutes -1h. 


Once we’ve done that we go away, research ideas and suppliers and provide a menu of costs in line with your budget. Typically that's within 2-3 working days after we meet as we need to speak to quite a few people and then wait for them to get back to us. 

What will the costs look like? What if I change my mind?

Don't worry, we know that most of the time it'll be the first time you'll be using most of those services. Unless you're in the industry or done some research already you won't know the price of a balloon garland, or the hourly rate of a bartender. So we know that until you actually know the price of your dream items you can't make informed decisions. It's totally ok to change your mind, or add more ideas to the mix  (we'll often suggest a few things you might not have thought about). 


This stage is when you pick the elements you definitely want to proceed with now that you know how much they’d cost and, if there’s a range of prices, which range suits your budget  best. We do it this way so our clients can decide what’s the best way to move forward. After all, it’s YOUR party. 

Your quote will have an itemised cost for each service, so you'll be able to tell what you're paying for our services and what's a 3rd party cost that you'd pay even if you were DIY. We believe in transparency with pricing and as we offer a service to organise suppliers, we don't charge any commission - if the supplier charges £x, you'll be charged £x. 

Once you are happy to proceed,  we’ll invoice you for the agreed amount and  ask for a 25% deposit. This secures your date and agreement to our T&Cs. Full payment will be required  no later than 7 days before the actual event.

Is there a simpler way of booking it? 

Personalised services can be delivered quickly and efficiently and we certainly can deliver unforgettable parties within 2 weeks of an approved budget (pending availability and we do get booked up though!).


How quickly we can provide an invoice is entirely up to you and your requirements, but we have turned enquiries around and got deposit paid within 48h. Most clients are ready to proceed within 1 week of the initial contact. 

For kids parties we have pre-set packages that can speed up the process, as with Styling and Planning

How does it work if I only want Styling? 

Totally fine! A lot of clients ask about this one as we're quite unique on that space. We follow a similar structure as with the other packages as this is often the most detailed part of any brief. 

The styling service combines two costs: the fee that covers our time for research, supplier & client management, transport, setup  and take down of all items AND the purchases and hires of all elements that you'll see transforming your desert table and venue. All styling packages need an associated budget for purchases and hires as every item on display has an associated cost. Think each cake stand, table cloth, prop, tray, etc comes at a price that we bundle up for ease. Often we also create personalised items for each theme which come from this budget.


We use a combination of hires of our own, awesome Hip Hip stock, occasional hires from other amazing 3rd parties and new purchases (mainly disposables or personalised) made specially for each event. 


From experience a new desert table needs a minimum of £100 - £200 allocated for those extra costs. More elaborated themes or larger setups will easily double that. We always keep them to the necessary only and in line with the client's expectations though. 


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